14 Team Building Ideas for Holiday Parties

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8 min readSep 16, 2021

’Tis the season to start brainstorming some creative ideas for holiday parties and with these team building activities, you can make your party as productive as it is fun.

With the most wonderful time of year right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of some awesome ideas for holiday parties.

And after another challenging year, this is a great opportunity to get your workgroup together-whether in-person or virtually-for some holiday-themed team building activities to share some laughs, build bonds, and have fun together.

Not sure where to start? No worries. We’ve compiled the top 14 virtual and in-person team building ideas for holiday parties.

10 Virtual Team Building Ideas for Holiday Parties

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the holiday season with your remote team? Look no further than these amazing, festive virtual team building activities.

1. Holiday Hijinks

If you and your team love a high-energy group activity, then Holiday Hijinks is perfect for you.

Whether you’re in the office together or working remotely, you can celebrate the holidays with this festive holiday-themed team building activity that’s all about working collaboratively to tackle a variety of holiday-themed physical, cerebral, and skills-based challenges.

In this activity, your group will split into teams. Each team will race against the clock and try to outpace the competition as they earn points for completing challenges, such as:

  • Cookie Conundrum — Luke made 42 holiday cookies. He brought half of them to his office. He ate one third of the cookies that were left. Then he gave 8 cookies to his neighbor. He left the rest of the cookies out for Santa. How many cookies did Santa get?
  • Elf Yourself — Each team member needs to create the most unique gift you can using only the items available to you. Snap a photo of everyone showcasing their gifts.
  • Junk Yard Jingle — Record a…



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