3 Simple Ways to Support Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace

Hear from eight business leaders from a variety of industries on how to support inclusion and diversity in the workplace in three easy steps.

Inclusion and diversity in the workplace are important pieces of the modern-day corporate puzzle. Aside from impacting employee happiness and wellbeing, inclusive and diverse teams can offer a range of benefits, such as more innovative business solutions and improved finances. In fact, Forbes reports that a study by the Boston Consulting Group suggests that diverse leadership teams have 19% higher revenue as a result of innovation.

  • Race
  • Age
  • Education
  • Disability
  • Religion

How to Support Workplace Inclusion and Diversity in 3 Easy Steps

Building an inclusive and diverse organization can seem like a lofty, high-level concept, but here are three actionable ways that you can support both in your workplace.

STEP 1: Start with the Hiring Process

According to the LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends of 2018, 78% of companies say that diversity is extremely important to consider when hiring and recruiting. From collaboration software companies to law firms, business leaders agree that effective diversity within any organization starts with your recruitment process.

STEP 2: Embrace a Remote Workforce

Providing employees with the flexibility to work remotely can open up your doors to collaborating with team members from around the world. Below, two executives share how offering remote employment has diversified their team.

STEP 3: Encourage Open and Inclusive Dialogue

Once you’ve built your diverse team, it’s time to ensure that your company culture is a welcoming one. Inclusive language and open communication between leaders and employees can be critical in making individuals feel like they belong.

3 Benefits of Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace

Creating a diverse company that offers a culture of inclusion can have a huge positive impact on your organization’s productivity, bottom line, and employee happiness. Below, hear more from the above business leaders on how their companies have directly benefitted from nurturing an inclusive and diverse team.

1. Enhanced Customer Communication

For Joshua Goldstein, Founder of Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, having a diverse company has helped clients feel like they can really connect to their firm.

2. Increased Creativity and Innovation

The previously mentioned LinkedIn report states that there is growing evidence that diverse teams are more productive, innovative, and engaged, meaning promoting inclusion and diversity is both good for your company culture and your bottom line.

3. Flexibility and Growth

“Having a diverse workplace is great because it makes you think more as an employer,” shares Adam Hempenstall, CEO and Founder of Better Proposals. “The decisions that you make will inevitably change, because you have to suit every process and decision you make so that they’re good for the entire team.”

Team Building Activities to Support Workplace Inclusion

In addition to the above, team building activities can also offer an effective way to support collaboration and inclusion within your organization. Here are the top three activities our team recommends:

  1. Getting To Know You: Learn more about your colleagues in this social scavenger hunt that gets participants interacting with each other as they complete a list of challenges.
  2. Bridge Builders: In this activity, break out into groups to build segments of a bridge before coming together at the end to create one functional, free-standing structure.

Learn More About Team Building Activities for Your Group

For more information about how team building activities can benefit your group, reach out to our Employee Engagement Consultants.

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