33 Unbeatable Virtual Happy Hour Games for Workgroups

33 Virtual Happy Hour Games for Your Workgroup

1. Water or Not Water

2. Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

3. Up Close and Personal

4. Virtual Scattergories

5. Virtual Icebreaker Games

6. House Party

7. Minority/Majority

8. Virtual Social Shuffle

9. Show and Tell

10. Name That Place!

11. Virtual Trivia Time Machine Trivia

12. Wikirace

13. Never Have I Ever

14. The Question Game

15. The Statement Game

16. Would You Rather

17. The GIF Game

18. MTV Cribs

19. MTV Cribs: Kitchen Edition

20. Virtual Charades

21. Virtual Escape Room: Jewel Heist

22. Name That Song

23. QuizBreaker

24. Psych!

25. Sneak It In

26. Virtual Team Pursuit

27. I Spy

28. The Useless Talent Show

29. Lights, Camera, Action!

30. Most Likely To

31. Where I’m From

32. Virtual Bingo

33. Two Truths and A Lie



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