How to Launch Your Core Values and Make Them Stick

Has your leadership team developed incredible core values but employees have no idea they exist? Find out five things you can do to launch your core values and make them stick.

After all the brainstorms and hard work your leaders have put into developing company core values, now’s the time to roll them out to the rest of your organization.

5 Steps to Implement Your Core Values and Keep Them Alive

Here are five important things you should do to launch your core values, so that they have a lasting, positive impact on your company.

1. Create Promo Material

One of the first steps you’ll want to take when launching your core values is create promotional material that you can circulate internally. For example, you can hang posters in the hallways, use images as employees’ desktop backgrounds, or provide each employee with a printout at your next company meeting.

2. Announce Company-Wide

After you have all of your promotional material ready to go, it’s time to officially launch your core values.

3. Use Core Value Language Daily

Something that the Outback team does on a regular basis is incorporate our core values into everyday discussions.

4. Recognize People Who Live Your Core Values

By recognizing individuals within your organization who live the core values, you can help encourage others to do the same.

  • Give verbal shout-outs during organization-wide meetings
  • Present core value awards at your retreats, summits, or kick-off meetings

5. Hire with Core Values in Mind

Using core values to hire new employees can help you build a stronger and more cohesive team.

If You Haven’t Created Your Core Values Yet…

Don’t have core values? Read our recent article Creating Your Company Core Values in 5 Easy Steps, and discover how to easily build values that can help your organization thrive.

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