Tips to Improve Employee Engagement During COVID-19 | Outback Team Building & Training

What is Employee Engagement?

Why is Employee Engagement so Important Right Now?

How to Improve Employee Engagement During COVID-19 and Beyond

Establish Transparency & Trust

Leverage Dashboards

Provide Constant Communication from Leadership Team

Offer Outlets to Relieve Stress

  • Asking for employee engagement feedback and ideas during regularly-scheduled meetings
  • Using tools like Office Vibe to collect feedback anonymously
  • Periodically send out an Employee Engagement Survey (click the link for a free template)

Virtual Employee Engagement Activity Ideas

  • Virtual yoga or workout classes — your team members can take turns running a class, or you can collectively join an online workout class run by a professional.
  • Online Happy Hour — gather as a group using your favorite video conferencing platform and enjoy some beverages together. You could even try making fancy cocktails together.
  • Cook Together Online — Most people have their favorite go-to recipe. Take turns teaching your colleagues how to cook your favorite meal.
  • Quizbreaker — Are you looking for ways to make virtual team building a recurring activity? With Quizbreaker, you can deliver scheduled team building quizzes to your team’s inbox, anytime you want. Quizbreaker delivers up to 100 predeveloped icebreaker questions to your team members via email. Then, colleagues are tasked with trying to guess the correct answers in gamified quiz rounds sent out on autopilot to help teammates get to know each other better and to have fun in the process.
  • Virtual Team Building Activities — It’s no surprise that this pandemic has lead to decreased employee morale for many teams. Virtual team building activities are a great way to keep employees engaged, connected, and social while social distancing.
  • Outback is offering four of its most popular team building activities in a virtually-hosted format that allows remote teams to experience an in-person-style event while social distancing:
  • Clue Murder Mystery: Can your group solve who had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit a deadly crime?
  • Team Pursuit: Play to your team’s strengths as you take on four types of challenges — mental, physical, skill, and mystery.
  • Code Break: Solve puzzles, riddles, and trivia in this team building competition.
  • Game Show Extravaganza: Be a part of your own game show with this activity where your team will need to tackle trivia questions spanning pop culture, geography, sports, world history, and more.
  • Virtual Group Training Programs — Investing in your team’s personal development comes with a lot of benefits. You are showing your employees that you value them, want to support their growth in your organization, and are equipping them with tools to be even more effective in their role.
  • Outback is currently offering all of its 20+ training & development solutions in a virtually hosted format for 50% off. Here are a few of our most popular options:
  • Emotional Intelligence Training: With the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) leadership training and development program, you can develop your team’s self-awareness and social skills.
  • Practical Time Management Training: Help your team minimize distractions and make the most of their time while working from home or in the office.
  • Clear Communication Training: Help your team become effective communicators, and develop both verbal and written communication skills.

Be Flexible



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